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  1. Overview

IMS3518E H264 VIDEO Module is based on the HI3518EV200 chipset.Hi3518E V200 is a new-generation SoC designed for the HD IP camera. It has an integrated new-generation ISP and H.264 encoder.It uses the optimized picture processing algorithm before encoding, advanced low-power technology, and low-power architecture design. These designs and functions enable Hi3518E V200 to feature industry-leading low bit rate, high picture quality, and low power consumption. It supports 90° or 270° rotation and lens distortion correction by using hardware, which meets requirements in various surveillance application scenarios. It also supports 3A algorithms, which allow customers to design various types of IP cameras including the movement of the integrated camera. Hi3518E V200 integrates the POR, RTC as well as audio CODEC and supports various sensor levels and clock outputs, which significantly reduces the EBOM costs for the Hi3518E V200 HD IP camera.

  1. ?Features

ARM926@540 MHz, 32 KB I-cache, 32 KB D-cach

H.264 main/high profile L4.0 ?

H.264 baseline encoding

MJPEG/JPEG baseline encoding

SOC is embedded with DDR2 SDRAM 512Mb

Module onboard high speed SPI Flash 16MByte

Module on-board dc-dc provides soc consumption

Integrated audio CODEC that supports 16-bit audio inputs and outputs


One integrated high-precision RTC

One 4-channel SAR ADC

Three UART interfaces

IR interfaces, I2C interfaces, SPI master interfaces, and GPIO interfaces


Four PWM interfaces


Two SDIO interfaces, one of which supports SD 3.0


One USB 2.0 interface that supports the host/device mode


RMII in 10/100 Mbit/s full-duplex or half-duplex mode, TSO network acceleration, and PHY clock output


VO interfaces? One BT.656 VO interface supporting 8-bit serial LCD outputs


40mm(L) x 25mm(W) x 3.0mm(H)dimension? LCC88 pin


  1. Applications

Internet Of Things


Video door bell

Image recognition

3G/4G Cam

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