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  1. Overview

RMS7688A IOT Rourer Module is based on MediaTek MT7688 chipset.the module requires only an external 3.3V power supply. MT7688 chipset integrates a 1T1R 802.11n Wi-Fi radio, a 580MHz MIPS? 24KEc? CPU, 1-port fast Ethernet PHY, USB2.0 host, SD-XC, I2S/PCM and multiple low-speed IOs in a single SOC. The MT7688 supports two operation modes – IoT gateway and IoT device mode.? The high-performance USB 2.0 allows MT7688 to add 3G/4GLTE modem support or a H.264 ISP for wireless IP camera. The IoT gateway mode also supports Zigbee/Z-Wave and Sub-1 GHz RF for smart home control. In IoT device mode, MT7688 supports eMMC, SD-XC and USB 2.0 in addition to Wi-Fi high quality audio via 192Kbps/24bits I2S interface and VoIP application through PCM, as well as peripheral interfaces including PWM, SPI host, 3rd UART and more GPIOs.

  1. ?Features

Embedded MIPS24KEc (575/580 MHz) with 64 KB I-Cache and 32 KB D-Cache

1T1R 2.4 GHz with 150 Mbps PHY data rate ?

Legacy 802.11b/g and HT 802.11n modes

20/40 MHz channel bandwidth

DDR2 RAM 64MByte or 128MByte or 256MByte

SPI Flash 8MByte or 16MByte or 32MByte or 64MByte

5-port 10/100 FE PHY

x1 USB 2.0 Host

SD-XC, eMMC, I2C, PCM, I2S(192K/24bits), PWM, SPI master/slave, UART lite, JTAG, GPIO

Internet Of Things

Embedded PMU

Support AP/Client/Router mode


40mm(L) x 25mm(W) x 3.0mm(H)dimension? LCC61 pin


  1. Applications

Internet Of Things

USB WiFi Camera

WiFi audio

WiFi disk

3G/4G Wi-Fi Router

WiFi ap or WiFi RJ45

Smart Home Gateway

Data Transfer unit

Industry Control or Home Automation

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